Friday, April 2, 2010

Nook...and books...

LOL. Haven't written anything on this blog at bad.

When I cleaned my room around 2 days ago, my mom told me that I have too many books; regardless from multiple languages dictionaries and textbooks to novels and graphic novels. She said, "Please don't buy anymore books."

Argh, I mean, it's understandable why she said that; my room is small and there's not much space. But I don't really want a closet; I can live with just a small wardrobe of clothes. But books?? That's way more interesting than clothes, no? (People may think I'm weird for wanting books more than clothes...but there's a lot of worlds you can get into by reading a book--You can enter a world of romance, an adventure, a mystery and etcetera. While with clothes....I really don't see any point of buying excessive amount of it...

Yes, I want clothes to cover my skin, but I don't get how anyone would spend $2800 for a handbag. Well, okay, it's a branded franchise...But I still don't see the point.

I'd rather buy myself a personal library~

So my mom told me to invest on an Amazon Kindle product. I looked it up and I dislike the product, though it has a cheaper price of books later on. Sony eReader, the Daily edition is what I would like, but it's too expensive. The best option currently is nook--a very good deal from Barnes and Nobles. Maybe later on iPad will have a program for digital reader. up first, I guess.

Currently reading:
The Lightning Thief Series (Book 4, now)
I have been reading this series when I was in 8th grade, yet my school library at that time didn't have the book more than 2 books. Just recently, because of the movie, it has been another big hit in my current high school. Well, I'm just glad all the sudden the library is filled with new books.

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  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I'll rather have tons of book than clothes. Hahaha I can live off five shirt and five pants... >.> oh and the other stuff... hahaha