Sunday, February 7, 2010

NFX and Japanese Quizbowl.

Studying for NFX (National French Exam) that'll be held in mid-March is definitely way easier than for next Saturday, February 13th 2010, which is when the 2010 Japanese Quizbowl of Minnesota will be held. LOL. Of course NFX will be easier--I'm in French 1, and for J-Quiz? I'm in level 3! Oh, God. Being the captain for the 3rd level is definitely has putting pressure on my mind--even though just a little bit--since last year, as a 2nd level captain my team (which consists of 3 people) didn't made it to the finals.

This year though, I'm hoping I'll do a better job as a captain--especially in the essay portion of the Japanese Quizbowl--since I'm researching a paper for my study abroad next year. 

Argh. Better study now, right???

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